Hexwalk is a small app for finding nice colors. Relax and enjoy some colors now! hexwalk.in


Reference site displaying all html elements with description and code examples. gethtml.at

Unsplash for Sublime Text

A plugin for Sublime Text that brings beautiful images from Unsplash.com to your favorite code editor. Unsplash for Sublime Text


Help for getting started with Gulp. Sass, Autoprefixer, BrowserSync and more included. urre.github.io/gulpsetup/

Browsersverige for OS X

Simple Mac app for displaying browser stats from Browsersverige in the menu bar. browsersverige.com/apps


Every weather is color. Different hexcolors depending on weather conditions. Fun with the Yahoo Weather API. weatherhex.com

Browsersverige cli

Simple Node module for displaying browser stats via Browsersverige from the command line. Browsersverige cli


Did you know you can link to a part of a Spotify song? Very tiny site that let's you create a Spotfy link at a certain time. Spotipart

Technology Radar

A simple Technology Radar map. Made easy for you to make your own Radar. Radar

The Cheeseburger Icon

Just learning more and exploring inline SVG and optimization techniques. The Cheeseburger Icon


A small time tracker. Keeps track of your projects. Makes time tracking fun again. Looks better than your average time management system. Madjob.cc

Jazztips Spotify App

Spotify App featuring the music from Jazztips. Save as playlists. Submitted just before Spotify announced they will not be accepting any new apps for the desktop client. Jazztips App on Github


A Chrome Extension which enhances the reading experience on Gradvall.se. Instant playback on reviews via automatically generated Spotify embeds. Gradvis

Album Cover Finder for WordPress

Search album covers via the LastFM API, set post post attachments and featured image. Saves album cover art to media library. Album Cover Finder for WordPress


Top browsers used in Sweden presented in a nice way. Trends are synced through StatConter Global Stats. Browsersverige.se


Enjoy full length concerts from YouTube. Exploring the playlist API and using YouTube as a “cms”. Staytube for rainy days. Staytu.be

Wells & Boxes

Exploring different wells and boxes suitable for text. Wells & Boxes